Trips to UAE like a lifestyle - what to see and which tour to choose?

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Treat yourself to an Arabic fairy tale (UAE)

What is a tour to the United Arab Emirates? This is a journey through a land of incredible wonders, full of fantastic projects implemented. Not so long ago, the lifeless desert today presented itself as a flourishing ultra-modern oasis, filled with the latest achievements of civilization and vividly represented by the endless possibilities of human thought and inspired ideas. Hold on, you are waiting for an extraordinary adventure! Travel packages to the UAE will allow you to see with your own eyes, and not in photos, the incredible sights of the United Arab Emirates, marked by the Guinness Book of Records, even taking into account modern achievements of science and technology. Tours of the emirates-monarchies, and there are seven of them here – are an opportunity to contemplate a huge amount of everything "most-most" among the wonders of the world: high, crooked, expensive, luxurious, and so on.

Welcome to the UAE!

If you want to ski in the snow in the middle of summer and heat, then you should buy a tourist ticket to AOE in our travel agency "Fly2play" (Kiev). If you want to sunbathe on one of the man-made islands floating in the waters of the Persian Gulf, book a tour to the United Arab Emirates with us. The UAE is an emirate united under one authority, living under the" leadership " of the President, the Emir of Abu Dhabi. The Emirates are separate states, each of which has its own laws. The country is absolutely unique and absolutely worth it to find the time and money, pick up one of the many tours you need specifically, and make a "battle exploration" to begin with. A guided tour to the UAE, organized by our agency, will achieve its goal: you will see something that is not found anywhere else, you will be conquered by the country, its wealth, its luxury and ... simplicity! Prices for tours in the UAE depend on the chosen emirate for your holiday.

Emirates – for everyone!

Abu Dhabi is chosen by wealthy and respectable people who prefer a measured holiday with royal comfort. Dubai with its mind-blowing luxury is suitable for active tourists who love a vibrant nightlife and all the most advanced in science and technology. For those who dream of profitable purchases, we will select a shopping tour to the territory of the UAE, and more specifically, to Dubai with its low trade duties. People who are not indifferent to the furious speeds of Formula 1, do not care about the cost of a ticket to the United Arab Emirates, they buy a tour to the UAE at any price, go to Yas Island to see the famous race track, visit the Ferrari park, take a car and feel like an elite Formula 1 driver.

Price issue

The price of a tour of the Arab provincial emirate of Umm al-Quwain is relatively low, there are a large number of inexpensive hotels for tourists, the rest is characterized by tranquility and is suitable for pensioners and romantic couples. The price of a ticket to the territory of the Arab Emirate of Ras al Khaimah is also available to a wide range of people, there are four-star hotels, in the middle of the city Bay, on the shores of which there are clean and deserted beaches. The cost of a tour of the modest emirate of Ajman is relatively low, its territory has beautiful nature and snow-white sandy beaches, and comfortable four-star hotels are simply created for a holiday with children. The cost of a trip to the Emirate of Fujairah is justified by profitable purchases on the local shopping and excellent diving, the best in the UAE. The relatively low price for a ticket to the Emirate of Sharjah (UAE) is explained by the fact that strict mores operate on its territory: under the ban, alcoholic beverages, smoking hookahs, "frank" appearance. This UAE resort is a cultural holiday destination for a specific category of tourists due to the above-mentioned restrictions.

Fly2play company – cheap travel to the Emirates

The necessary selection of a tour in the UAE is carried out according to what type of holiday you want to get. Each emirate has its own nuances, its own charms and its own advantages (there are no disadvantages), and therefore it is necessary to select tours individually for each tourist. We carefully select each tour in the UAE. For us, the preferences of the traveler and his tastes are important, we take into account how long the tourist plans to stay in the country, how much money he is going to spend on vacation, what his diet is, and what menu he likes best, as well as what price for a ticket he "can afford". Before you buy a tour to the United Arab Emirates, we suggest that the client read reviews, many of which contain useful information and practical recommendations. And only after studying all the factors listed above, the travel agency "Fly2play" starts searching for a tour in the UAE. The search for tours in the UAE will take you to the cultural capital of the Arab world, the Emirate of Sharjah, located near Dubai (twenty kilometers away), and you will be imbued with Muslim traditions. In the emirate, super beaches, great shopping, rich markets, where everything is there, please the "normal" prices for goods.

Which tour to choose?

The UAE welcomes various categories of tourists, no matter how many of them come to the country. What is good about the Emirates is that it is easy to find places to stay in the country for any budget: luxury hotels in Dubai are designed for a wealthy tourist, budget places to stay, close to the sea, and even on the shore - for pensioners and students. We will find you a tour in the UAE, the cost of which will not be more than the cost of a holiday in Egypt or Turkey. How much does a trip to the Emirates cost? The cost of a trip to the UAE depends on the season you choose, the demand for tours at the moment, as well as the time remaining before the start of the planned trip. The cheapest are last-minute deals to the Emirates and early booking tours. Since the Emirates are very different from each other, you should choose combined tours. Such trips involve visiting several emirates at once in one trip. Fly2play to AOE allows you to see all seven emirates of the country, as different as human imagination allows. In Dubai, one of the most amazing and safe cities on the planet, you can actively relax, profitably skimp, have fun and enjoy delicious food. Here you will forget how much a trip to the UAE costs, your individual, group or family vacation will definitely take place in the comfort of an eastern fairy tale. Travel agency "Fly2play" will select for you cheap tours to the Emirates, and you will see a magical eastern fairy tale! You definitely need to visit it!

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